MLMM Sunday Writing Prompt- 7-5-20

Drifting in and out, Mary tried to wake fully, but the pull of the nightmare would not stop. Drawing her into a fitful night of rest, she longed for the morning light to save her.

The whole thing was a mistake, but realized too late. Only sixteen, she was encouraged to join in her friends’ escapades, and visiting a fortune teller was the latest adventure. Three teenagers entered the intriguing antique shop and were invited to the back room where “secret happenings” of their future would be revealed to them. It was all a lark and the three sat around a shawl draped table with a crystal ball in the center. When settled, in floated the fortune teller, outfitted exactly as the girls expected, and when she sat down, the room darkened and the crystal glowed.

The smiles ceased and nervous giggles took their place. The heavily darkened eyes of the psychic looked from girl to girl and then to the ball. Reaching around it with her hands, the glow increased. Each girl was unable to take their eyes off the globe and the old woman began to sway and moan. Mary started to rise and leave and suddenly a force pulled her back down on her seat. She gasped as the dower teller stared at her.

The fortunes told were dark and foreboding of danger and death of loved ones. When one of the girls started to cry uncontrollably, the teller stopped. The event abruptly ended as the crystal globe went dark and the room lightened. The medium disappeared and the shop ward rushed in to escort them out. The girls seemed dazed as they found themselves on the street wondering what had actually occurred. None of them could remember what took place inside the shop. They decided they had enough excitement for the day and went to their homes.

It all seemed a tawdry experience they tried to laugh off at their next meeting, but each young woman refused to share the nightmares they had every night since that day.


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