Much Ado About Something

It’s Tuesday, last day of a short month which is good on the old paycheck. Speaking of that, just spent an hour and a half fighting a fraudulent charge on a cc I’ve had since 1967. So much for loyalty rewarding. They refused to take the charge off even though it was still pending and I just found out about it this morning.

Their response in a heavy, hardly understandable accent was they would put it up for dispute and I would receive a letter in about sixty days where I could fill out a form to deny it and then they would decide. Anyone else or is it just me again? I said if it’s pending you should be able to deny it now. As I said in my arcane post, I do not do well with these conversations, or online negotiations and she wouldn’t give me a supervisor.

I can imagine she’s sitting there having a great laugh after she put me on hold and then hung up after telling me to hold while she would get a supervisor. I called back and cut to the chase telling them to cancel the card completely.

Anyone else on a fixed income, watch their bank account and read the charges on credit cards to make sure they are legit, or is it just me? I called the company that charged me and they refunded the amount on the spot.

It’s definitely a two cup of coffee day. 🤯

Side note: Who in heaven’s name chooses the “hold” music and why aren’t we given a “silence” choice?🤪

Second side note: Believe me, an emoji is better than my actual words today.

11 thoughts on “Much Ado About Something

  1. Glad you were persistent in pursuing the desired outcome, getting your money returned. [Deleted my personal rant about being put on ‘ignore’.] Have a wonderful rest of your day! What day is it anyway?

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  2. We check every charge. If I don’t get a response I like, I hang up and call again. I do that with all call centers. I’ll hang up, call again until I get someone helpful. Most of the time, the “supervisor” is just the guy next to them. One guy told me he would put you on hold and pick it up in 3-5 minutes, use a new name and change his voice a bit.

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