What Day is it? 4-13-20

Fresh out of the shower and when I say fresh, it’s 20F and snow coming again. I’m late posting this because I texted with my son who moved to France. They are in Paris and doing well, quarantined so house hunting and all necessary paperwork delayed. They are staying healthy, and that is the important thing!

It’s pretty quiet here in Cheyenne. I seem drawn to news reports that make me angry, so I try, I say try. . .to stay out of it. A few days ago I was woken by what must have been a military convoy–trucks and constant line–about three in the morning. Traffic here is scarce so I have no idea what it was about and of course no news concerning it. Maybe aliens actually caused the virus and they are all being secretly hoarded into bunkers in the mountains. . .it’s Wyoming, it could happen!

As you can see, nothing newsworthy here. I feel for the medical people and the delivery persons and wish them well and a huge thank you.

Stay well!🥰