What Day is it? 3-24-20

I’m here, I’m laughing and in a great mood. Here ya go–passing it on to you, got it? ❤️😄❤️! I woke up to heavy pounding and scraping. Apparently they are redoing the apartment above me. . .again. People that live above me must be really hard on their area!

But the topper that made me laugh was seeing an excerpt from Jimmy Kimmel’s at home show – he said people were so desperate for TP they are buying bidets and if really, really desperate, they could buy Sodastream. I guess it may only be funny to me, but made my day. So smiling, drinking coffee and emailing back and forth to my sisters in New England. They just received ten inches of heavy wet snow!

My phone upgraded last night and when I wrote an email, it was in two other different languages, Italian and Vietnamese! Living in probably the whitest area of America besides possibly North Dakota, I doubt my phone would have use for these languages. It was another reason to laugh, but finally got it corrected–Another reason to dislike upgrades. Maybe upgrades are just another way to gather more of your personal, supposedly private info to spread around, sell, whatever they do with it.

So basically a great day so far. I have chicken and dumplings or spaghetti left overs for meals today, so yea – no cooking! Stay warm, dry and well. 🥰


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