MLMM Wordle #182 – 3-23-20

When she saw the huge bird fly onto the windowsill with its wriggling prey, she tried to put her mind somewhere else, thinking of a blue horizon and this horrid nightmare was only that, a black dream. But then it flew and settled next to her on the bed, and she was frozen to the spot, all the while not able to understand the grisly smile on her captor’s face. She was stranded and put her trust in a charming stranger. It was only the rough handling up a stairway and locking the door behind them when rampant fear overwhelmed her.

She watched the incomprehensible from stained bed sheets, where the indentations of the night before remained. She had been conquered but still alive, and the fear inside had not diminished. He stood in the corner observing her horror as the omophogus raven pulled at the rat’s flesh. She wondered if she would be the next victim of the vicious bird, and looked again at her captor. He seemed almost in a fascinated trance, watching the bird peck and pull at the rat.

She tensed at the thought and shivered as a cold wind blew in behind the raven. Reaching for a covering that was slung to the side the night before, she wrapped it around her, but was not warmed as the chilling sight continued. What else could he do, would he do, as the raven approached closer and brought a shriek of fear. She pulled the cover over her mouth to muffle her scream.


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