Personal Space

How do you define personal space? Anyone a little claustrophobic like me? It’s uncomfortable and even irritating when in line and someone keeps touching you, pushing a bit, and you know they are in a hurry or impatient to be in your space. Reminds me of that line from a movie, “I’m walking here!”

Ever get run into or heels run into by a shopping cart? Oh that’s a favorite.. .what I’d like to do is turn around and say back off but I don’t. It’s worse when they do not apologize. What is it with people these days?

And kids, whoa! Running, yelling, acting inappropriately in public? Parents ignoring them and not even close by in some cases. Where are the parents and what are they teaching their children, if anything?

Too familiar teachers, professors at schools and colleges and how is the “victim” supposed to react? Lose a needed grade, or worse? We used to tell our kids, keep your hands to yourself. I guess that doesn’t apply anymore. Courtesy and manners seem to be dwindling.

What about you? Do you like your space to be invaded or are you the invadee?🥴


12 thoughts on “Personal Space

  1. I like basic space around me and around others. No longer do I enjoy big concerts or that sort of thing, since many people simply push others as if it were okay. To me, the only reason to push me would be if I were in the way of a vehicle or badguy and someone was trying to save me. Other than that, back off without permission from me!

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  2. My husband, youngest daughter and I spent sometime in the Philippines as missionaries. We found that the American idea of “personal space” is not the same there. We really struggled with not offending anyone but having trouble with loss of personal space.

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  3. I don’t like being in overcrowded places for this reason, Cheryl. But there, everyone is in everyone’s personal space. Best be avoided at all costs – and even more so nowadays!

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