MLMM Wordle #180


As a court reporter for the judge who mainly focuses on vice cases, I was familiar with women witnesses who charmed the jury.

A dribbling bit of saliva trickled down the chin of the prosecutor as he gazed upon the accused. Tasked with the cavil of outing her reputation, yet at the same time, has the cacoethes to prod her with accusations befitting an ordinary street walker. The stoic jury seemed unaware of his lascivious thoughts, as most concentrated on the more than quality view of her through the witness box.

The defense turned the leaf of his brief slowly, contemplating how he should bring them into the decision of declaring her innocent. As the prosecution pushed on, even though he was also eyeing the glassed box, he at last concluded his statements.

The accused was excused from the box and gave a wink to the men who were fascinated by her. Whatever the conclusion or verdict of this tawdry case, I feel she has won the day.


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