I was thinking as I read Bikergurl’s post today that it might be good if we all keep in touch with each other on the virus conditions in our personal areas. For instance I live in Wyoming and so far so good, except for panic shopping. Not a thermometer in sight and even on Amazon they say April at least.

I think honest “reporting” by us bloggers would be more reliable than the news outlets.

What do you think? Yea or nay?


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  1. In Oklahoma where we have “3” confirmed cases being reported..but, we also have had an influx of critical care cases of pneumonia in the past week. our two local hospitals have 23 icu beds between them..and have transferred 27 people to Oklahoma City hospitals THIS WEEK. How do I know? I volunteer at one of the local hospitals assisting with local patient transfers. We have NO testing kits, and even if we did, the state testing labs have NO reagents to gain results from the nonexistent test kits. One OKC hotel is under quarantine from the Jets sports team visit last week, where two of their teammates tested positive for Covid19. Restaurants are temporarily closed, two hotels in town have temporarily closed, the high school and all elementary schools are closed for three weeks. The middle school has yet to announce. All colleges in OK have gone to online classes only, and students are not allowed to gather in groups of more than 250.

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    1. What amazes me is the number 250. Who decided being surrounded by that many people is ok?🙄. WY is rather sparse and slow to respond to anything different. CO is closing. No test kits means there’s no way to determine diseased or death statistics in real numbers.


  2. We had our first death and the governor is finally saying something other than “go outside and smell the fresh air.” Thankfully the NJCAA tournament was cancelled but now we are fighting the schools here because they say they cannot close because of in-class hour requirements, the state DOE says every school district now has a waiver and to do what they feel is best for their students. Rumors around the school is that a student has it because he visited Washington State almost two weeks ago and has been coughing all week but was absent today. The district refuses to cancel school activities that will bring hundreds of people together in small facilities. It’s so ridiculous. Other schools in neighboring cities are closing early for spring break and making plans to switch to online school after. Classes are already setup to use Google classroom but teachers don’t want to use it.

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  3. I had plans to visit a friend in Florida but she is currently going through chemotherapy and I am afraid that I might expose her just in case. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if she got sick because of me.

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  4. I’m in Southern California and we have cases of CV throughout the state. Governor Newsom wants us to stay home except for essential outings. Disneyland has closed! I plan to stay home as much as possible for a while.

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