Is it Monday Yet?

I have a Monday Peeve.

I have a new phone. I want to set up voicemail. I followed instructions on phone, then tried YouTube, and finally the 611 number they give you for help. After multiple tries to get them to answer “how can I set it up when they ask for a pin or password that I don’t have because it’s not set up yet?”. After various texts back and forth, they repeating questions, me repeating answers, I get this: “Stay on the line, someone will be with you in 27 minutes.”

I texted back: “You call me, I’m not waiting on hold for 27 minutes.” Naturally I have heard nothing. Maybe they’ll try to leave a message on voicemail!🤯😂. After a whole two days trying to set this up, going to the online addresses they give, etc. I’m done. Maybe I need a three year old to come over and do it. Otherwise, it’s a catch22.

Oh and even though I gave no permission to do so, Apple upgraded my iPad again. I can hardly wait to see what new hell they’ve handed me now. 🥴😱


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