Brew and Spew – Comfort and Joy

Inspired by the entry from Susi at iwrite, I have to say thank you! You know who I’m talking about, this is for you. . .special people who gave me comfort and joy when I was not feeling the holiday spirits. I wish you all good health above all and a huge hug🤗. You were here for me.❤️


Not being or feeling my best

Different it seems from all the rest

Where’s Santa and the reindeer hooves

I can’t hear them on my roof

Feeling not so good spirit wise

But good friends opened my eyes

It’s not about you, you dope

It’s all about love and hope

Forget the typos and grammar correct

Light the lights put the tree erect

Troubles always are there, so forget

Enjoy the season and you’ll have no regrets.


10 thoughts on “Brew and Spew – Comfort and Joy

  1. We can all get caught up in sadness and negativity but Christmas comes but once a year. Light the tree and as you say “enjoy the season and you’ll have no regrets”. Thank you for participating in my weekly challenge. Merry Christmas! 🎄

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  2. Wonderful! It’s so easy to get caught up in negativity. I have suffered from holiday depression this year until, quite suddenly, I too was reminded that it’s “NOT ABOUT YOU”. I’m restored to a reasonable level of happiness. Thank you for this reminder, peace to you. 🙂

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