Monday Movie

I’ve liked Kevin Costner since “Untouchables”, “Dances With Wolves” and more. If he is directing his love scenes are very romantic, definite plus for me. Today’s movie may be a repeat, but alas, a fave of mine: “For Love of the Game”.

9 thoughts on “Monday Movie

  1. I love Kevin Costner. Dances with Wolves was shot very near the little town I grew up in. When I went back for a school reunion, I went to a party in the house I grew up in, now owned by a couple who were in high school with me. Bobby, the host, told me I was sitting in a chair that was Kevin Costner’s chair on the film set. He bought it when they broke up shop. Are you jealous? My cheeks have touched where Kevin Costner’s cheeks once sat!!! (Okay, now that’s sorta creepy. Sorry, I got carried away.)

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