Putting My Feet in the Dirt 6

Fifty shades of embarrassment

Didn’t mean to cause harassment

Of any person place or thing

I just wanted to try the swing

Olden days the swing was my favorite

If only I didn’t wear that big bracelet

Things would have been fine

I’d have towed the line

Like grandmas should do

But you know who

Doesn’t always follow the rules

If only I hadn’t passed the school.

No one about, playground empty

If only I was younger than twenty

But thought I would take a chance

Walked over to swing and the romance

Came over me, childhood fun and games

If only my eyesight took good enough aim

My backside missed the swing

And then there’s the bracelet thing.

Trying to right myself it caught

Showing parts of me it ought not

But suddenly recess, children ensue

My dignity was now askew

Fear not they seemed to notice not

Helping me up, loosening bracelet caught

Oh, children are just the best

Unlike adults who would laugh in jest.



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