MLMM Wordle #132

It was the brainchild of the famous scientist, Iam Notacrook, well known for his attic salt on bleeding edge technology in government. It had been his favorite subject to lecture on at Government Rules U. in Greenwich Village, NYC. This location wasn’t exactly ideal for the professor’s views, but he decided he liked a challenge.

For years he tried to influence and change student attitudes, and the vicious hold that protesters in society held on them, trying to integrate their “flip-flop, fly-by-night theories” that they were not being heard. He implored his loyal students to fight back using technology to quash the upstarts who wanted less government control over their lives.

Every night he tweeted his lectures, hoping to appeal to conservatives and amass a small fortune from followers, stirring up an emacity for his ideas. If enough people agreed and wanted him to lecture outside the university, he might be classified as an emeritus professor and be able to stop teaching. His plan was to join the lecture circuit where he was convinced he could spread the word and add to his followers with social media.

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