A to Z Challenge – O for Oldness / FOWC:Anecdote

I had to laugh this morning, at myself, naturally, who else do I have to blame? That’s one of those things about living by yourself, no one else around to blame! I am spending the day with my daughter and kids. That means I take the big backpack to keep in the car for emergencies and carry my wallet for money, etc. . . a tiny wallet!

I’ve been having allergy problems with eye makeup so I rarely wear any makeup at home. Today I wanted to wear some. “Picture it” as Sophia used to say, old morning eyes and inept hands putting on the new gel eyeliner I purchased. Getting the stick out of the packaging took a few seconds, but then the end cap wouldn’t come off. I finally twisted it and off it came along with the nicely defined tip. I am sitting there thinking, well that’s another waste of money.

I took the wrap out of the trash to read directions to see if it could be resharpened, so did that. Now I have half a pencil in old hands. I was a bit excited thinking I might not be allergic to this one and got out the 3x mirror to apply. Old eyelids don’t care if you want to look better and do not cooperate. After one too thick line applied I had to remove it and of course it’s a 12 hour waterproof type so by the time I was done I looked like a raccoon that needed sleep. I waited a while for my skin to calm down and reapplied a small line, thank heavens for Q-tips!

Then went out to dress etc, came back into the bathroom to brush my hair and see dabs of brown on the tile floor. Apparently the lopped off bit of brown eye gel liner flew on the floor and I rolled through it get the Q-tips. I thought, omg, that looks like—-! So then I had to clean the floor, wheels, etc just in case I had a sudden heart attack and 911 came. My mother would be proud–at least I would have had on clean underwear.



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