MLMM Tale Weaver #218

There it is, the blank page, for a new post for a new day of blogging. I usually start out reading the posts from other readers on my phone because it’s easy to hold while drinking coffee. Then I go to my iPad for emails and read those posts. If I see a prompt and think of a response, I’m on it, or sometimes I wake up with something extremely important or fascinating to write about such as my new vacuum.

If you’ve read me a while or looked at my profile, you know I started the blog as a way to bring enlightenment and humor to my new life changes. My husband had died of esophagus cancer, I was now permanently in a wheelchair, my family moved to a completely different environment, and my general health had improved greatly. Then I was diagnosed with cancer again. It was four years ago, this time resulting in having my bladder removed, and the addition of a pouch or bag as I refer to it, attached to my abdomen with an ileostomy.

It required surgeries and trial and error and hospital stays, months of getting everything to a point where I felt okay, I can do this. I either had to face it with humor or just lay in a urine soaked bed and hope to die. I actually was at that point one morning when I woke up soaked again. The bag or appliance as the manufacturers call it, needs to fit well. It was even suggested I have plastic surgery to remove my belly button to help it fit.

In the meantime a friend I met online, thank God for him, suggested I take out my frustrations by writing a blog. I was intimidated at first to be open about it, but thought, I wonder how many other people go into this situation only knowing the info provided by their doctor? Let’s just say my doctor was no help. It all looks doable on the videos they provide–it isn’t!

That is not to say it couldn’t be done and after three months of horribleness, I found something that worked. My original idea was to help someone with the same problems to be able to talk about it freely. This month I am four years cancer free, perfectly used to my little attachment and if you have any questions, I will answer them honestly. Cancer will be defeated one day if people open up more to discuss what is seen as taboo subjects.

This is long I realize, and my blog has expanded to writing about anything, usually trying to add humor. I appreciate your reading and commenting. Thank you!

12 thoughts on “MLMM Tale Weaver #218

  1. Bravo,
    dear rugby843.

    Your writing is proof that there are many blessings in adversity.

    Yes, I agree with you that writing is very therapeutic. My blog has helped me to weather many ups and downs. We are fortunate to have this medium, I think that as writers we hope, that at least one person may benefit, from our “real life” experiences.

    It is good that you share your thoughts and feelings, that is certainly a blessing, for us readers. I actually prefer to write each morning, before I read others posts, because I like to write with a fresh mind and not become influenced by other unique styles. I find that this works best for me. My coffee comes afterwards 😀
    I am looking forwards to reading more…

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  2. An outcome of a prompt such as this is people will respond telling me about themselves and why they are blogging. You have told me so much about yourself and as i read your responses on a regular basis I now feel I have a better handle on where you are coming from. Thank you for being brave in telling your story and may you continue to enjoy good health, it’s not so easy as we get older.

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