Story Starter Challenge 11


“It’s what!” Harriet screamed at the obstetrician. Jerry just slumped against the table his wife was laying on. The shock was too much for him. A routine pregnancy check at four months involved an ultrasound and that is when the discovery was made.

“A first pregnancy can be a wonderful thing” Harriet’s doctor told her at the first month checkup. “Don’t worry about a thing! I’ve been a doctor for twenty years with no problems.”

Jerry had received a promotion six months earlier and the newly married couple wanted a family right away. Learning Harriet was pregnant brought immeasurable joy to them both. The promotion would enable them to purchase a two bedroom home, another dream for them.

The doctor looked at Harriet with a helpless expression and the nurse urged Jerry to sit in a chair. Both Harriet and Jerry’s faces were pale with shock. It seemed evident by the ultrasound, the couple was having sextuplets.


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    1. Oh lord. See, after having 1 boy then twin boys, people would ask if we were gonna try for a girl. My response was always the same, and one I firmly believe: “Nope. We’d probably get triplet boys next time.” I can’t inagine 6. Just order me straight jacket now. 😃

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