Haunted Wordsmith Genre Challenge 1

Oh, Reginald, I feel faint.

Oh, Lucinda, I feel. . .well, may I say, invigorated?

Oh, yes, I feel it too.

Let us retire to the library, it’s private there.

I. . .well, what will our guests think? And how can we. . .walk in there like this?

Just stay pressed against me, and we’ll tango over to the door.

Oh, Reginald, please be discreet.

Discreet? Now you ask that? Just slide with me.



18 thoughts on “Haunted Wordsmith Genre Challenge 1

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    1. It was fun but I had a hard time being serious. He was, very. It was the long strides I had a hard time with, and having to keep your midriffs connected….you get the puctureπŸ˜³πŸ˜‚

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