Putting My Feet in the Dirt 3

He drove as fast as he could. Not caring if he broke any laws–he had broken enough already, his life was now shattered. He slammed into his driveway and ran up the steps. His wife was just sitting at the kitchen table, seemingly calm and unperturbed. She looked around, seemed startled by her husband’s sudden appearance. Looking panicky and peculiar, she was immediately afraid something terrible had happened to him.

“Oh my god, what happened? Are you alright?” Mary got up and walked to her husband. He looked terrible, sweaty and afraid. John looked at her, incredulous. Could she not have seen the text? Did she answer the phone? How could she be so calm? He stumbled into the kitchen chair, not believing his luck. Maybe she didn’t know!

Mary calmly sat by him and coolly remarked, “oh, you thought I didn’t know about you and Sheila? I’ve known for quite some time, John. Sheila and I are friends, of a sort. I met her through another friend. We now own a business together. We investigate people who cheat on their spouses. I was her first client.”




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