3TC +

Navy, record, cowboy- acquiesce, testify, resort


The old Navy veteran sidled up to the bar and leaned in to get the barkeep’s attention. “Hey, Joe, any Seals in here tonight? Those young fellers think they’re the cat’s pajamas!”

Joe just smiled, he knew the war hero was just kidding. Jack actually admired the new generation of the military, but often referred to them as “cowboys“. Jack was a Navy veteran of forty years, and had a well respected record in dives off foreign coasts. He was always at Joe’s bar late evening to have a drink before walking home.

Being a warehouse guard during the three to eleven shift, he acquiesced to his now ordinary life, but often regaled his active military days at the bar. The younger generation would gather round and listen to Jack testify to the dangers of his experiences. Once in a while Jack would resort to letting the younger ones tell their tales, but most of them were active military and had to be closemouthed about their current activities.

Each night after they all finished their stories and the bar closed, one of the young cowboys made sure Jack got home safely.


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