Word of the Day: Seam

I thought as I looked, it must be a dream

As my safe existence seemed to burst at the seam

I hate to admit I muffled a scream

As the object observed gave me a chill

A spider or similar travelling at will

On my carpet near my bedding, I felt ill!

My sanctuary, my respite, so invaded

By an ugly creature I always hated

How close my vacuum, I debated?

I’d never touch such a horrid thing

How to dispose of it, wonder can it sting?

Can’t touch it or else I’d give it a fling

Odd shaped for a spider, not sure if it was two

Large enough, maybe having a screw

Whatever, still see it, my mind askew

I have a thing about spiders and crawlies

Oh you can write of your friendly follies

But I have a phobia, so laugh, get your jollies

While I’m praying the horror doesn’t move

While I sneak out to the other room

And retrieve my murdering electric broom

Aha I think, with a thank you to the vacuum I love

No need for an antiseptic glove

It worked, sucked it/them to the great above.

A new problem now, in the vacuum sealed with tape

I taped up the holes so they wouldn’t escape

Now it’s sitting there under trash bag drape

I hoped all night sealed in would be their demise

Now wondering if that was very wise

Need to empty the vac, and hope my eyes

Don’t get a wiggling surprise

Just spiders you say, I hear the chuckle

But my fear of them causes knees to buckle

To me, one seen, means there might be a muckle!

Guess I’ll have to do it, bare knuckle.


Seam – Word of the Day Challenge

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