The Haunted Wordsmith -Tell the Story Challenge

Teresa challenged me and here’s the rest of the story from Teresa:

Here is the picture I, Fandango, and Sandmanjazz were given and my own story below it:

It was only a dream. Inspiring as it had always been as a child, I hadn’t often visited it as an adult. But tonight was different. I was so sad over losing my friend, I could hardly sleep. I stretched out on my softest covers and tried to forget the day and relax. I thought about our friendship and our childhood play times together.

We shared a dream of ballooning above the earth, on an endless journey, seeing the world from such a lofty place. And as I let myself remember, the dream returned to me.

Then I saw him. There he was, sitting on a piece of a welcoming moon, drifting without cares, without sadness or pain of suffering. I knew he was where we had dreamed, as children. He was telling me his dream had come true.


I choose the picture below and nominate these three people to tell their story about it.

Elaine at

Yinglang at

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Have fun with it. The rules above are: Write something about the picture you were given. Choose a different photo for your own post and three people to write about it. It’s fun to pass this challenge on.



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