MLMM First Line Friday

Charlie stood looking at the bridge. It was a beautiful structure in the sunset evenings. He often strolled on the edge with a new love of his life; this night, Cassandra. Beautiful golden hair, big blue eyes, he thought how could he ever contemplate her demise; and yet, that is exactly what he was doing.

They met at the bridge at sunset one evening. His nightly walk, and apparently she also enjoyed the view from such heights. The colors of the sunset reflected in her golden mane and at once he thought beauty and betrayal. Charlie had experienced disappointments regarding the opposite sex and never accepted there might be a beautiful person inside also. He did not trust that some day he might encounter such a woman. As a result he used women and then quickly disposed of them.

Cassandra had similar experiences with men. Thinking she was all beauty and nothing more, they too found themselves disappointed, realizing she was strong and independent. This evening as she and Charlie joined for their nightly stroll, she also had a plan. As they both stood near the edge peering into the sunset hued waves, Charlie moved closer, grabbed her arm tightly, saying,”I’m not waiting for you to betray me, this ends now”. Cassandra stepped back quickly, while Charlie still gripped her arm.

“You are planning to throw me over? What have I done? Please tell me!”

Charlie could not accept she might be different, and tried to push her over the rail. Instead Cassandra flipped around, surprising him. “You are the guilty one. You lured my sister here three years ago. She, like me, was innocent. Now you will suffer her fate.” Charlie was stunned as Cassandra displayed previously unshown strength and flipped him over the rail, plunging him down into the water below.


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