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I took a left turn at Fandango and ended up on this post from https://allaboutlife.com. She posted eleven questions I think would be fun to answer:


1. Since my legs and feet are always cold, I love them! However I can’t sleep in them, too claustrophobic!

2. Each to his own on this one. I think there’s something but I don’t know exactly what. I don’t like separate religions thinking they have the one true god, doesn’t seem logical. Goes along with my theory that all the pictures of Jesus being a white man with red brown hair is ridiculous. Don’t get me started…

3. Absolutely not. Might as well eat bread crusts.

4. I don’t think I have a favorite. Unlike Fandango, certainly no romantic association with one.

5. Did you see the latest pic from Nasa about what might be a cylindrical probe from the great beyond? I think we are not alone.

6. I never had a teddy bear. I do now though. His name is Brownie and was given to me by my grandkids last time I had cancer.

7. I love Brussels sprouts and most vegetables, except okra, yuck!

8. I love Christmas, hate the hype surrounding it. Nostalgic for the huge family gatherings I had as a child. It is my favorite holiday.

9. A smile is always your best thing!

10. My family

11. Autumn is my favorite season.




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  2. 1. Socks: hate during the summer; love during the winter
    2. Nope. Don’t think there is
    3. Nope. A pizza needs cheese. Which is why I can’t go vegan
    4. If I had to pick: Dancing on the Edge by Han Nolan or Freak the Mighty by Rodman Philbrick. Love both books because they made me cry
    5. Absolutely there are aliens. I think it’s man’s ego that causes people to think otherwise. The universe is just too big.
    6. I actually do have my teddy. His name is Bosker. Weird name, great bear.
    7. Hell no to brussel sprouts
    8. Christmas is cool. I just get irritated with the extra traffic and materialism
    9. A smile is def sexier
    10. My ideal view would be of the ocean from a library’s window
    11. Autumn is also my favorite season

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