FOWC : Shed

A shed, a wood shed to house what else? Wood–also large oak barrels in the rafters full of every kind of thing you can imagine. There were dishes, blankets, clothes, papers, books, and each one made a nice nesting place for all the cats and kittens that were left at our farm.

The wood shed in tales has a bad reputation for being the place of punishment. We were a family of girls and I don’t remember anyone being “taken out to the shed” for a beating, but it might have happened. We were spanked and there was always the threat of the razor strap hanging in plain sight as a reminder to behave. My mom’s choice was to tell you to go out and pick a switch which was a bush branch. She always added it better be big enough or I’ll pick one. As far as punishments go, I didn’t receive many because I learned from my older sisters’ actions and the results.

The shed mostly housed wood which was used by my grandfather in their adjacent apartment to our large home. Their wood stove always smelled fantastic and baking in the oven, let’s just say there’s nothing like it.

The wood shed was connected to my grandparents’ apartment but had large doors to open onto the yard. I can remember a few curious kittens exploring only to end up in the walls between the shed and my grandparents.

I miss that farm, the land, the animals, and the buildings.

FOWC with Fandango — Shed

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