Phone rant

Just skip this if you do not receive at least five phone calls a day that you need to put onto your auto reject list. I just received notice that my auto reject list was full and had 100 calls on it. The list is below. And this is just in the last two weeks.

I’ve tried calling a few of these numbers just to make sure that they were legitimate which of course they are not. I called one today because it does have my same area code so I thought it might be somebody that I don’t know but should know so I called and said “may I ask who this is because you keep calling and I don’t know who you are” –they hung up. So I called back and of course they put me on to voice mail. I left a message saying I don’t know who you are or what you want but if you don’t stop calling me, I’m going to report your number. I don’t even know if you can report numbers like you used to be able to. I doubt it but I thought I’d say it anyway. Maybe it’ll stop them from calling me.

I also decided I would make a new message for these calls instead of just putting them on auto reject I’m going to leave a voicemail message for them. It is going to say “I am not married, I don’t have any children. I don’t have a car and I don’t drive. I don’t need insurance and I don’t need any medicine. I already have funeral plans paid for. I don’t need any products of any kind so please stop calling.”

This probably won’t work. Hardly anything works anymore–it’s just a robot calling device that just keeps on calling and calling and calling and if you reject one number, they just use another.

I’ve gotten the call at least once a week saying that I needed to renew my warranty on a car that I owned that was totaled in an accident 2 years ago. The first couple times they called I told them those facts and yet they still call me at least once a week.

The irritating thing is I was on a call with my sister and we usually talk for at least an hour and I kept getting beeped in and turned out it was all of these numbers that belong to no one, just some robot from some company somewhere.

Modern technology is definitely not all it is cracked up to be. Maybe it’s just me… It usually is.



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  1. The ones who call me are “real smart”…like “genius smart”….they use something to change the caller ID to someone in your directory. On more than one occasion I have called myself to let me know that I could get a better deal on my car insurance…I don’t have a car…lmao.

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