MLMM Tale Weaver #196

Gratitude is one of those things that is sometimes taken for granted by all of us. Yes, all, even me. I realized this when my grandchildren were frequent visitors to my home in Colorado. Even as small children, they always said excuse me, please and thank you. Of course I blame❤️ their parents for that.

It’s easy to take help for granted and not remember to say thank you. Last night when a large man let a door slam into me, twice, a two door entrance, I said “thank you” after the first one, but the second time, I said, “thanks again”, louder, and then, “butthead” to myself. It’s not being in a wc that causes this to happen, it’s everywhere. In the parking lot, turns out he was parked next to us, started backing out as I was transferring from the wc to the car, almost running over my granddaughter as she rolled the chair back to put in the car trunk. As he kept backing out apparently oblivious, he almost ran over my daughter and an older lady she was helping to her car.

After the lessons learned to always say it, from my grandkids, I have used it more. I’ve always used it in public, but at home in everyday life I sometimes forgot. It was probably because I was busy, in pain, trying to get something done, fix a meal or similar circumstances. I was in constant pain for years, so I guess that’s my excuse for being a butthead myself. At work I was always polite and even working retail in later years I bit my tongue and stayed polite.

Now that I have time, I try to always say the words and I love you, to my family and friends. We’ve lost some family the past few years, and telling them how much you appreciate them is very important.

Gratitude is also important on the telephone. Today I returned a call to the rep from my medical supply company to tell her thanks for her suggestions and help. They, no matter who the company you are dealing with, always seem surprised to hear that someone appreciates their help.

My fifteen yr old grandson called the other day, to say hello, which is weird because I see him at least twice a week. I said what’s up? He was on speaker phone and his mom said, “he needs to practice using the phone.” After I stopped laughing, I agreed he does need practice!😂 It’s like writing thank you notes, a skill we all should use. In these days of emails and texts, it seems thank you notes have disappeared.

I guess the gist of my speech here is, EXPRESS your gratitude. Everyone will appreciate and be grateful, feel better, including yourself. And not sarcastically, like I did last night, bad grandma….


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  1. Well I am grateful you took the time to put down your thoughts this week…thanks so much and you are right we all need to practice things like gratitude and not take so much for granted.

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