Word of the Day: Effigy

In the inner city, it’s not difficult to find an out of the norm shop that sells unusual items. I made the purchase with cash, not wanting to be tracked. The little doll was easily transformed into her effigy. I purchased extra pins just in case the first one didn’t work.

It was a mistake from the start. Jack was mesmerized by her charm and extraordinary beauty. He should have realized when after a few exchanges she sent the photo. Was it intentional to draw him in or push him out? We’ll never know now, will we?

Jack was my best friend since sixth grade. He was the best in every way, sincere, vulnerable, a good listener and mature for his age in numbers. We shared everything, all of our hopes and dreams, aspirations for the future.

It was a lonely night for me when I started to worry about my friend Jack. He had spent the night with her and falling fast. I wanted to know more about her and when I did, tried to warn him. She had a reputation for leaving men in ruin, but it was too late, he was already gone, travelled into her spell of false love and my warnings went unheeded. I don’t blame him, I just miss his presence in this world, every day.

Effigy – Word of the Day Challenge


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  1. I love the line, ” he was already gone, travelled into her spell of false love,” but i’m unsure what happened to him. Did he die? Leave with her? Commit suicide? And what happened to her? This is an intriguing little tale and I’m full of curiosityre/ what it means.

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