The Haunted Wordsmith – Dinner’s on Him

The Haunted Wordsmith’s prompt is to pick up the nearest book and turn to page 62, line 6 and use that line in a story.

“and marrow sweetness into the meat” – not exactly the romantic vision I love in Diana Galbadon’s “Voyager”, now a tv series I love – “Outlander”. I guess it has to be hopefully humorous.


The chef prepared all of his unusually savory dishes with secretive recipes. His restaurant’s clientele was unique, and only heard of the restaurant by word of mouth. This night the crowd was extremely lively and the chef sent out various appetizers and free glasses of wine to entertain them. Their palate was indeed hearty and the restaurant was only open one night a month.

Procuring the special dish ingredients was Chef Macabre’s only problem. Exacting flavor “and marrow sweetness into the meat” with his special herbs was an event to please. The chef carefully prepared tonight’s main dish, realizing the two legged beast was quite plump enough to serve all of his customers.

Profits were plenty, but shared among the procurers who remained nameless at night, after their day job in the morgue.

5 thoughts on “The Haunted Wordsmith – Dinner’s on Him

  1. You stated the word morgue a day job.. An all-night, once-a-month treat for odd looking patrons who dined out on a plump 2-legged beast. This looks yummy, I don’t know if it’s made from a mummy. Maybe the patrons are coroners.


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