Tea or not?

Shopping for my newest addiction, Perfect Peach tea bags, sorry, I know bagged tea is a no no for some across the pond. . .but during my latest move, I lost my tea leaf holder ball so only use bags now. A side note, I used to read tea leaves in cups, that was fun.

Back on point, I was at Safeway and they didn’t have my choice so I purchased Organics Peach Oolong tea instead. I made a cup at home right away only to find no peach flavor at all. It was pleasant, slightly floral but no peach. This morning I let it steep longer and it was good, but still no peach.

I decided to write the company and ask what’s up and started looking up oolong and found some interesting facts about it. Intriguing, as there are health benefits to oolong according to most sources, but then WebMD had a list of hazards if you consume more than three cups a day. Btw, I usually have two cups of hot tea a day if I’m chilly, so guess I’m safe.

I think the warnings the W. site posted are a little overboard, but if you decide on drinking a huge amount of any tea, you should probably check them out. Oolong tea is from China of course and was accidentally discovered by a farmer, great story on the net.

I’ll use this tea and add it to my drawer where I have others such as Earl Grey, Plantation Mint, Cinnamon, and Chai. Waaaay back I drank Constant Comment which tastes similar to the now popular Chai, in my opinion.

Now I’m just going to chill with my tea. Have a great Saturday!



10 thoughts on “Tea or not?

  1. Plantation mint sounds really good. I have to say WebMd tends to say the very extreme of health hazards, so I wouldn’t worry about having a lot of oolong – besides the benefits are really beneficial. I love having a mix of oolong and black tea with some vanilla and cocoa infusion in the morning

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  2. Howdy, As an ex-pat from UK always drank tea. I like tea. I drink tea made from bags yet prefer the loose leaves. Tea ball, strainer or pot, there are several ways to utilize the leaves. I have bamboo strainers that sit in the cup, to teapots with strainers or without. Recently discovered Amazon carries a wide array of sources. Amazon.ca is my go tp source for many things. Their Prime service, hits a home run for me. Fewer visits to Malls. There’s too many of those things here. You spend money on gas, then deal with people in the mall, find a washroom … whatever. Now the loose leaf tea we got from Amazon, is delicious. So much flavour and no peaches were harmed in the production … hehe Cheers Jamie

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    1. And which one was that? I also prefer Amazon, much eadier. But I also like getting out seeing the Christmas decorations etc. Only thing is it is very tempting. I told my daughter last time as we passed by things, remember when we could shop and actually buy? Now it’s only necessities that are purchased.

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    2. Oh jeez? Well the one we’re working on now is, Assam tea. Barooti Assam from Ahmad Co. London UK. Sold through Amazon.ca. You’ll be using .com? Price should be similar but in higher value dollar? Ahmad also has a Ceylon Tea, which is here, unopened yet. As well, we have another brand of Assam from Vahdam? I anticipate finishing them all by end of winter? Each 1lb comes hermetically sealed. We drink 1-2 mugs a day. Cheers Jamie

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