Putting My Feet in the Dirt 19 – Walk in the Woods


In the woods things might be seen

All different colors, mostly green

But in October, things do change

Leaves of trees show a colorful range

And though bright, rusty, crunchy or soft

They don’t compare to a fairy’s froth.

Fairies and sprites and creatures unseen

Are friendly at first, but not what they seem

And if by chance you step on their wings

Even by accident, their wrath it brings

Their previously imagined fairy visage

Is now a scary and threatening image

There seems to be an unusual foam

That spouts from their gaped mouth form

It’s putrid and green with shades of black

Might look bloody from a hidden sack

You step lively and leave the trees

You trip and fall, land on your knees

The fairy’s froth spit near your shoes

The ground it lands shows acidic ooze

You get up and run and never look back

Grimm Brothers stories never did lack

In testing the scope of imagination

But never wrote of this confrontation.


October Writing Prompts


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