Putting My Feet in the Dirt 20

Nightmarish newts you say? I thought I’d better check these out. Being a science teacher, I try to provide little Halloween treats for my students and I overheard one of my students whisper this to another child. I decided to research this phenomena.

Imagine my surprise as I began looking for newt information. I am a teacher of general science, not a herpetologist. I discovered newts, especially Taricha granulosa is extremely poisonous! I guess bringing them into the classroom would be dangerous and my students would want to touch them and that might kill a child through skin toxins. Nightmarish newts indeed!

However, I will make some frosted cookies in newt colors, and sprinkles for a harmless treat. But then, all the gluten free, sugar free kids would want one too! Then some parents might protest thinking I’m gay because I like to bake treats for the kids in my class, or the save the newt people might think I’m making fun of them or. . .What’s a teacher to do these days?

October Writing Prompts


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