SoCS September 29, 2018

Dom for domestic goddess. No, I’m not a fan of Roseanne but I liked the title. Hmmm, cloudy and cooler, autumn is upon us. Got out the few decorations I have today and here they are. Years ago I decorated each holiday with gusto. I had a basically white walled home with doors of white, ceramic white tile with streaks of mauve. It was the opposite of our previous home and was a marvelous backdrop for each season. There was a see-through fireplace that could be enjoyed from the living room and den. Of course it was in Houston so the fireplace was only used during the holidays. I loved that house. I’m afraid it is no longer livable after the last flood.

My couch:

My guys:

Yes I love birds🙄😳😂


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    1. That was a gorgeous home. But we’ve been in three since then. I sold that home to move to CO to be with our grandkids, then we ended up in an apartment in downtown Houston for a year. It’s snowing tight now, here in WY!🌨

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