Daily Addictions Prompt: Gradual

Here I go, taking a Prompt and completely ruining any redeeming qualities of it. I was thinking last night on another bit of trying to forget the day and drift off to sleep, that life is certainly not gradual. The only thing gradual the last year has been the success of a loved one desperate to find a better job. However, nothing was gradual with the bad stuff. The expenses just kept rolling in, building up, discouraging news every month. Everything came fast except relief.

When I first started to think of this word, I thought of aging. It seems you look around and never cease to be amazed at how fast children grow and change while looking at yourself, you fail to realize your own gradual changes taking over. I wish of course, gradual for all of us, stretching out our time together.

Hey, it’s party time!

I found out today that the loved one achieved the goal and has that better job. What a relief! But it took a long time, perseverance, patience and gumption. Remember that word, gumption?



4 thoughts on “Daily Addictions Prompt: Gradual

  1. Ah, yes, gumption! I heard it throughout my youth. I was constantly being reminded by grown-ups that I had no gumption. Since I didn’t know what gumption was, I just figured it was akin to “gum disease”, so I was always quite pleased that I had no gumption. Of course, I was too lazy to go actually look the word up in a dictionary.

    So I guess all those grown-ups were right after all.

    Great read! Thank you for sharing it with us!

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