MLMM Tale Weaver – The Last Hrtedyp

Well it wasn’t just a fluke. Mrs. Smythe loved the hrtedyp, well they all did, they just didn’t know it. I mean, who doesn’t love chocolate? It came about on a day in October, you know those days, everything a little cooler, air crisper, crackling leaves on the doorstep. I love those days–but I digress.

It was just such a day, October fifteen, and the village was having a harvest festival. During the festival there were always contests where locals would put up their finest wares, whether it be a large pumpkin, jams and jellies made from their orchards, or landscape paintings of autumn leaves.

Old Mrs. Smythe always won the cake baking contest, yup, every year, with her magical chocolate cake. She never divulged her secret recipe and many excellent bakers tried to replicate this delightful cake but with no success. This year was no different, she proudly displayed the blue ribbon beside her confection. This would be her last victory in the baking contest. The last of her secret ingredient, the dried leaves of hrtedyp were used this year.

She came upon this unusual plant the first year she won the contest. While walking in the woods, she saw it, and since she was a nature lover and used herbs in her everyday cooking, pinched it a bit to learn its scent. It was chocolate, deep and dark and almost overwhelming. She decided to try a chocolate cake recipe adding the mysterious herb.

Then it began, her family adored the flavor so much they insisted she enter the baking contest at the festival. That was ten years ago today. The obscure plant was never to be found again.


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