Word of the Day: Alliance

Living in an apartment

Is different than a private abode

Everything in every department

Has to have its home

Then there’s the issue of compliance

With etablished rules

Unless you make a manager’s alliance

Which is not easy to do.

Yesterday I visited to sign a new year’s lease

The manager was friendly

Began to chat endlessly with ease

Discussion on her part was mostly a complaint

About the jobs she had to do, believe me, she’s no saint

Then came a delivery of office supplies

She looked at me and rolled her eyes

The worst part of the job she said

Was shelving items, which she dread

Then talked on about packages, her apartment units many

The holidays deliver lots and patience? She has not any

She changed it now, no longer takes deliveries of Christmas gifts

It seems the huge amount arriving seemed to give her fits

I listened and when able to speak, “I’m glad to hear your side.

I like to have deliveries to be left at my door side.

When they came just to your office, it was such a pain

Your open hours are so brief it caused me quite a strain.

I can’t wheel up here when there’s snow or ice”, I said,

“The wheels don’t work and just spin in place on treads.

I’m glad they are told to just deliver to my door”.

Added, “I’m happy you’re not inconvenienced anymore.

I never thought your job could be such a pain”.

I smiled and left, ended listening to her complain.

Alliance – Word of the Day Challenge


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