Word of the Day Challenge: Mentor and PMFITD #18

Image: dunavmost.com

Living in the bayous of Louisiana, Earl didn’t have much of a childhood. It was hot, wet, and schooling was off and on since he lived in an area with other homeless kids. He was lucky enough to be agile and quick on his feet, so he survived his youngest years.

Earl grew up in what was comically named alligator alley. Dodging and teasing these creatures became entertainment for the waifs and they needed no mentor to explain the dangers of such a life. Not realizing the skill he actually developed over the years, Earl was caught on video by some air boat touring visitors. Earl and his friends were always up for an extra dollar or two to feed themselves, and didn’t mind such intrusions.

Not having phones or internet capabilities, Earl had no idea that this tourist’s video went viral on YouTube. The public demanded more of this young person’s adventures and eventually Earl was contacted by the “powers that be”.

After a few days, Earl and his friends became the talk of the Internet on social media. People offered help in different ways and the group of teens immediately gained star power. Offers of every type flooded the channels and the once impoverished boys became wealthy, which is a relative term here in this story. However, they were rewarded with housing, food and clothing, which they considered to be wealth beyond their dreams.


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