Word of the Day: Hero

Not a soul on the street. How could she return home with it following her? Hoping to see a walker, a jogger, a mailman, she was desperate for a human being. They didn’t need to be a hero, just a person who could see what she sees behind her. Not realizing the rain was keeping people inside, she kept searching.

Her vision wasn’t clear out of the breath frosted glass. She started muttering to herself about the fan in this car, never working when you needed it. The defrost didn’t work without it. Her eyes swept the neighborhood again, searching for anyone that could confirm what she saw. Monique’s head was bleeding but went unnoticed.

Earlier, Monique had gotten into her car quickly. She hated driving in the rain, but this was a necessary trip for milk and bread. Shopping was her least favorite chore and then only for staples. She was hurriedly placing the bags in her car when something caught her eye. At first she thought it was just the rain, a trick of her vision. It might even have been her imagination since she was rarely out in public, fearing strangers. She practically threw the groceries into the passenger seat and tried to jump in her car causing a bruise from the car door frame.

Sitting in the car she fumbled for the car keys. She locked the doors with the auto lock. “Thank god that works”, she thought. As more fear consumed her, her fingers nervously attempted to put the keys in the ignition. Finally she heard the motor turn over and she felt more at ease. Daring to look in her rear view mirror, she saw it again. Glancing into the side mirror, she saw nothing. “So it’s behind me, well, I’ll show him” and she shoved the gear into reverse, hoping whatever it was would get away from the car.

Not realizing there was a pole behind her for the shopping cart bevy, she ran full force into it and the action jerked her forehead into the steering wheel. “My god, what have I done?” Panic seemed to engulf her, she was now completely frightened but afraid to look behind or around the car. She pushed the gear knob into first gear and slammed her foot on the gas pedal. No matter what or who was in the way, she was getting out of there. She swerved into the street and by the time she found her own neighborhood again, she eased her grip off the steering wheel.

She dared to look in the rear view mirror again and her fear renewed. It was still there, something she couldn’t make out clearly. “It’s following me”, she spoke into the air. Her panic and excited breathing made the windows fog up quickly and the vision she saw blurred. She wiped the moisture from a part of the windshield, trying to see. Scanning the streets of her neighborhood, not realizing most people wouldn’t be out here in the rain. Fear was gaining control. If she stayed in the car, would it get her? How could she get home to be safe? How could she get out of the car? Finding no one, not seeing the vision behind because of the frosted rear window, she went into her driveway.

She slowly opened her door. She was about to step out when she fell.

That evening, a neighbor glanced out his window and saw Monique by her car. He called 911 and they found her dead by her car. Was this an accident from her two head injuries or the work of a demon Monique saw in the parking lot?

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