The Secret Keeper #158

James was searching the hut again. It had to be here. They couldn’t survive without the magic of the Isinglass. Since his early age of two hundred years, the magic had kept them safe, even from the worst dangers of the land. James had to find it before his sister arrived. It was the only talisman that would protect them both from the evil Slithers.

Slithers were the snakelike beings that stayed in their tunnels until the Eve of Autumn. On this date every year, they would search the land looking for food in the form of the elfin tribe, to whom James and his sister belonged.

It had been this way since time began, thankfully only one night every twelve moons. The Elfins were prepared by each sharpening their Isinglass spears. These spears would vanish a slither back to their tunnel with one swift cut. The years since the Isinglass talisman was discovered, the slither population decreased. Future elfin tribes would not have this threat.