MLMM First Line Friday

The sun simmered red as it slunk towards the jagged horizon.  Another day gone, he thought to himself. How can such a beautiful sunset appear after a day like this?

It started out well, everyone smiling at breakfast, anxious to get on with their day. He arrived at the office early and even signed that much needed client. He was proud of himself for it and ate lunch with his supervisor in celebration. Joe worked hard in his life, married young and had three children early in their time together. It worked out well even though they had to scrimp here and there some months. He was a happy man, not ecstatically so, but probably more than the average man.

Joe’s wife, Mary was also working, helping to make things run smoothly, while their three children made them both proud. College tuition loomed for the oldest, but Mary’s contribution would help. Scholarship applications were furiously mailed out and their life was a happy one.

This afternoon Joe received the phone call no one ever wanted. His son was involved in a bicycle car accident and was in the hospital. Joe and Mary stood by their oldest son’s bedside, praying for a miracle.

Going home to bed, Joe looked again at horizon, shook his head in sorrow. Joe and Mary both received no respite that night. Their life seemed over with, even though their two remaining children were perfectly healthy. Their first born was gone. Wondering why was on their minds, why this tragedy, and why inflicted on them? Joe took one last glance at the now clouded moonlit night. We did our best, so why? Was it all for nothing? He received no answer.


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