FOWC: Energy and Time to Write: Dialogue only

I just said I don’t have the energy anymore.

–But that’s not what you really meant, was it?

What are you implying?

–I’m not implying, I’m stating a fact.

And what fact is that?

–That you don’t care.

Don’t care? After thirty years, you’re telling me I don’t care?

–Yes, you don’t care anymore and it kills me.

Look, I’m right here, aren’t I? I’ve been here always.

–You’re here, but you’re not HERE.

I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. Am I here or not?

–I’m talking about right here, beside me. Like you used to be.

Okay, now I’m really confused. I’m here, in bed, with you, and nowhere else.

–Yes, but not really.

Okay, I give up. Why not?

–Because when I came to bed, next to you, you said you didn’t have the energy anymore.

I still don’t understand, I’m here, I’m just tired. I don’t have the energy to be with you, you know, WITH you, not tonight.

–That’s what I mean, you’re here but you’re not.

Are you TRYING to drive me nuts, or what? I’m here, I love you, I’m just tired.

–Alright, forget it. I was just trying to express my feelings, be honest with you.

Are we done? I’m going to sleep.

–I guess we are, . . .done. . .a good word for it.


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