Daily Prompt:  Jolt

The days of barbed wire fences are hopefully waning, even illegal in some areas. The danger of them was apparent as my dad discovered in his youth. He fell off a horse and was caught in the saddle’s stirrups. When the horse cleared the fence, my dad did not. The accident resulted in almost detaching his foot from his leg. Living on the prairie with no aid in sight, his mother poured alcohol in the huge wound and wrapped it up. The scar was frightening.

Presently, electric fences are the norm, using a small jolt of electricity to contain animals. Children often need to test these devices, usually not more than once. Reminds me of the warning, don’t put your tongue on the icy, cold metal pole. They have to try it once. . . just once.


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    1. I think my husband can make electric wire. We had a barking dog next door. He used a machine, when the dog barks, the machine makes some kind of electricity that hurts the dogs ear, so the dog stopped barking. That’s the closest I can get!

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  1. No I want to be outraged, if people can get offended about the smallest little thing and do it every day I can get outraged about real things!

    Didn’t you ask this same question only a few weeks back?

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    1. And as I said last time I don’t use WP for this account and haven’t needed to do it for any other account. So go through the WP help files, everything else is explained in great detail I can’t imagine deleting files is not explained in the same detail.

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    2. I am a computer guru but every time I’ve tried to help you with anything, the same help I would give my mother who is older than you and more of a technophobe you claim it doesn’t work.

      I’ve been in tech support roles for more than 20 years I know how to support people whether it’s face to face or via email, yet I gave you three possible solutions only a few weeks ago and you can’t make any of them work. The last error you had with chargers or whatever it was I gave you heaps of choices and you still couldn’t change anything. For whatever the communication breakdown is between the simple steps I offer and you reading them it’s far easier to say I can’t help.

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    3. Chargers? Right now I don’t dare do anything. The last story was longer than usual and the screen blacked out many times. I appreciate your frustration of trying to help. Oh well. Maybe if you ….never mind. I’m getting out of here before something blows up!😂


    4. I’m pretty sure we are at least one season behind the US with Scorpion, we could be more. It’s not a bad show for entertainment but the term ‘based on the real Walter Whatshisname.’ is a pretty loose term.

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    5. None of them are my idea of prince charming. The idea of them is that they are social awkward but I think all of them are awkward in front of the camera. Happy, isn’t that bad but the Terminator is really the only one who can act.

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    6. I don’t think it’s suppose to be. It’s based on the real life of Walter Whathisname. The Scorpion team exists in real life (well sort of) and the stories are suppose to be based on the things Walter and his guys have done to save the world. There is obvious “Hollywood” injected into it and some of the stories are embellished but it’s suppose to be about the real Walter Whatshisname and his group of social inept geniuses.

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    7. Being a computer guru Walter’s exploits are fairly well known to me and the series was interesting from that point of view but it didn’t take long to realise that the series was more Hollywood than the advertising led viewers to believe.

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  2. Now, I wouldn’t want to spoil the good atmosphere here, but that last part about frozen poles and electric fences made me smile… I never experienced the feeling of those fences, but my Dad had a classic he caught me, my little bro and probably all our cousins with: sticking a 9 Volts square D battery on our tongue…

    As you said… just gotta try it, right? 😉

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  3. Barbed wire fences are illegal? Goddamn I don’t want to live in that screwed up world. Sure they are dangerous so are knives and guns but they serve a damn good purpose. I went to school with a kid whose brother tore his face off and died in a pool of blood on the family farm when he lost control of a motorbike and went through a barbed wire fence but even they didn’t want barbed wire outlawed. Who makes these stupid rules? I thought this country was a Nanny state!

    Electric fences are ok but they are still dangerous, they are un-reliable for cattle and they use a resource the greenies keep telling us we can’t keep using, ‘this precious power thing we keep getting told we can’t waste’. Solar fences are getting better but they are still unreliable at times and it only takes one stick from a tree to render any electric fence useless and see cattle on the road. 5 strands of barb will always protect a farm and the surrounding area including the road users around the farm better than any strand of electric fence.

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    1. No, so governments make stupid rules based on the idiot workings of a few nutjobs.

      “Oh no a barb wire fence bit me, ban them!”

      “Oh a car hit me when it was speeding. Slow all cars down to walking pace.”

      “Oh a cyclist came near me in my car. Ban all cyclists.”

      The world is PC mad and governments legislate against a minority of stupid effecting the majority who can live life without adding themselves to the Darwin Awards.

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    2. Bullshit, if people want to ban barbed wire fences it’s a huge worry, because today it’s fences, tomorrow it’s the animals, then the next day its the human who have the animals. PC has screwed this world more than any government has.

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