Share Your World – April 17, 2017 is back! Another week to open yourself up and let it out – answers to her questions of the week. Hope to read yours soon!

Pencil or pen? Pen.  The reason being, I always have pens, whereas pencils need to be sharpened and the erasers are always too used or missing.

Singer or dancer? Dancer, no question!  When I was a child I thought I was one, free,uninhibited.  Even in high school, I loved it.  My boyfriend and I made up dances to perform at the Firemen’s Friday night dances.  It was only after becoming an adult that I became selfconscious about dancing, along with most everything else.

If I had the resources available to thoroughly research a subject, I would love to debate.  Don’t ask my family, they think I do it all the time

A natural?  That might take some thinking, nah. . .talking, I’m a natural at talking.  Don’t ask my family about that either.

Last week I was grateful we went to see soccer.  Another windy, chilly evening, but my favorite player was such fun to watch!  

This week I am looking forward to my oldest son’s birthday.  I will have a “half-century” son!  Wait till he hears that! 😂😳💜😂


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  1. I like both pens and pencils but I prefer a pencil. I generally use the propelling or retractable variety. Pencils are the first computer. With a delete button at the end. I have a supply of leads and spare erasers. I use nothing less than 0.7mm because I’m a heavy writer. I have one, pencil that is, which is 0.9mm The lead seldom breaks, but it can. For a pocket or purse, just retract the lead. Cheers Jamie.

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