AtoZ Challenge W

WoW! What a Week!

Monday night was the Colorado Rockies baseball game in Denver attended by Jesse, his dad and brother. They sat behind home plate with Jackie Robinson’s daughter Sharon, meeting his favorite player, Charlie Blackmon, being interviewed by news reporters, and even though it rained some, the whole evening was an outstanding experience for Jesse and his family.

Sharon Robinson is an exceptional woman, warm, friendly and personable. The next day it was cold, windy and snowy here in Cheyenne when Ms. Robinson and the MLB reps, news reps and Rockies people arrived. Sharon met in Jesse’s classroom, gave out “Breaking Barriers” t-shirts, and signed books as she spoke to each student individually. Then an assembly was held where she, MLB rep, his teacher, principal and Jesse were up on stage and she talked about him and the importance of his family. Jesse read his speech and that’s when I started tearing up. We lived it, his struggles, but hearing him say it all in front of everyone, I know my heart just couldn’t get much bigger with pride. Every family should have this feeling. We are so extremely blessed.

Local news video below, from my phone:


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  1. Jesse has overcome rather a lot in his young life and you sounded so proud of him.
    You didn’t explain who he is, so as a new follower I’ve no idea whether Jesse is a family member or a family friend. It was clear, however, that he means a great deal to you. 🙂

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