MLMM Tale Weaver 168

Waking up at four a.m. to the upstairs neighbors getting ready for work–I’m not complaining, they couldn’t be any quieter unless able to levitate themselves around their apartment. It’s still dark but I use the bathroom and go back to sleep until the garbage trucks arrive at six-thirty. Then getting up, washing, brushing teeth, and putting the kettle on. I live a pretty much routined life in the morning. My phone is silenced except for phone calls. This is necessary as I have my large family nearby.

Make a coffee drink, open the blinds, hope the sidewalks are cleared, letting light in to encourage my avocado pit plant starters. They’re pretty slow to show roots through their glass jar containers, but I never give up hope! Then I retreat to the bedroom, stretch my legs on the bed and read blogs, news, and write if I feel the urge. Blogging fills the mornings unless there is a planned activity with the family.

Mundane you think, I even think so at times, but there are rewards to living a quiet life. Not getting out as much as I like makes me more aware of the world around me when I do. Any natural surroundings hold more importance when they are not viewed every day. Clouds, blue skies, rain, snow, I enjoy them all. Wind? Not so much! Sounds, also, even in the urban atmosphere, where birds are rare, are enjoyable when heard.

We have an oil refinery close, and during the day it’s considered a necessary nuisance, but at night it’s all lights and the smoke makes interesting patterns in the sky. Sounds at night, train whistles, helicopters and planes are many because we have an airport, an Air Force Base and an Air National Guard Base. Night training sounds give a good, comforting feeling of protection.

I miss the mountains, trees, grassy meadows, and flowers of our home in Colorado, but there is an upside. It makes you appreciate when you travel a short ways and see it all again, with new eyes.


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