Winking – what is it really…

I have no idea how this draft was published. As you can see or did, it was devoid of words?? My iPad combined with WP has been on and off and up to tricks all day. I blamed it on the wifi going in and out….but publishing a draft from two days ago without me pushing a single button? Hmmm, any ideas?

Anyway- I could just as easily have written “I digress”- my favorite, but thought I’d spare you. . .

The wink came about as a discussion on a long car trip on Tuesday. The occupants were my daughter and two of her children and me. The kids were fifteen, a boy, and twenty, a girl. I’ve written about both of them here.

The boy winked at his sister, an independent young woman who then brought it to his attention that it is not appropriate for him to wink at her. That started it. A discussion about whether winking is not just a gesture saying you’re cute or I agree, or that was funny, etc, as I think of winking, but a sexual flirtation, inappropriate for a sibling.

Of course I added my two cents saying I’ve never been able to wink without screwing up my whole face. Of course there’s a difference between a quick wink and a sultry slow one, I agree, but this wasn’t what he did. My granddaughter does not agree. To her it is a form of sexual flirtation. I put my foot in my mouth further by saying I think it’s cute. I don’t see anything wrong with it. Then we got into what is flirting. I said I like to flirt, see nothing wrong with it. I sort of flirt here on the blog all the time, in a funny way in comments. At least what I think of as flirting. Maybe I have it all wrong. If anyone has been offended by my comments, I sincerely apologize.

It was generally decided by the group that winking is an inappropriate form of communication. Oh well, another one bites the dust.


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