SoCS 8-4-18

Saturday, a day to sleep in, no worries about dress, hairdo, makeup, that’s what it’s supposed to be, right?

Then you get the call……because when you got home at one last night from watching Mission Impossible with your grandson and went to the ten o’clock show because the seven was sold out, you’d been babysitting all day Friday, tired, but really wanted to see the movie, and spend time with your grandson since he’s leaving for college in ten days and since he’s been working nonstop all summer you’ve rarely had any time with him, you know, the great one I’ve written about many times, you go, you have fun, but then it is Saturday and you wake up all warm and cozy, don’t want to move and you think you’d better turn your phone on, and of course it rings immediately, some horrid Samsung choice of ringer when other people with iPhones get to choose really neat rings like the GoT theme song, or even Knight Rider, remember that?

So it’s raining, nicely breezy and cool, and I have company for the rest of the weekend. Everyone else is at a soccer tournament in Denver.

A stream of consciousness, for sure, actually more like a FLOOD! Whatever, have a good day and a better one tomorrow. 🙂🙃👍🏻🌷


11 thoughts on “SoCS 8-4-18

    1. It had the best fight see I’ve seen in a while. I cant imagine how long it took to choreograpgh, and the motorcycle chase was awesome. I like chase sequences. It was A+ for me.

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  1. I am glad that you had a good time at the movies with your grandson … How was it???… Oh I can relate to the cozy of a bed and not wanting to get up and think you have the me time and then how fast things change lol…
    I don’t care for my ringtones and notifications on my samsung either lolol… I had my daughter download something and it will make ringtones and notifications off of any song you like but damn if I can’t remember how lol…
    Hey did you know that Tom is or has already been making Top Gun 2…???… yuppers I will have to see that for sure…I still remember the soundtrack to the movie and such great days back then…
    Huggggs n ♥♥♥

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    1. Those were great songs! I heard it, don’t know what the story will be. It was goid, lots of zction, intense at times. It would be better understood if you watched Ghost Protocol 2015 first. He’s still “the man”….: )))

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    2. I know I had the cassette tape hehehe… oh I think people were saying the story line would be and I know they just talking since its been hush, hush that tom will be like the main captain like tom skerrett was in the movie and the boss…but so far that is all I heard so lots to the imagination lol… I myself think Mr Tom C could still play the very active role and you know another volleyball match hehe… I would have to rent online or somewhere the whole series and watch from start to finish since I have only seen a few here in there on TV … : ( oh I agree he is still the man….yuppers for sure…

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    3. I used to have amazon prime years back and enjoyed it…don’t have netflix… I think that is where I seen it on the directv …
      been thinking about just getting things like netflix and amazon since directv is so expensive…

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    4. either are we…looking into other ways other than directv… way to over priced… awww lucky you … I just don’t know where to start I even made a blog post awhile back and asked but still lost lol

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