Time to Write and Putting My Feet in the Dirt 6

“Who invited him?” All eyes suddenly turned as a portly gentleman entered the party wearing nothing but the plumes of a pigeon. The hair was long and drawn into a wild tail while a moustache practically covered the mouth. Certainly the feathers were strategically placed, but this was the nineteenth century and no one ever, ever went anywhere undressed in such a manner.

As Menken entered the party, ladies fell fainting, fellow thespians joked amongst themselves and a few older women’s mouths were agape at the scantily clad body. The owner of the establishment rang for his stewards to remove Menken but not before Menken shamelessly strode by, making sure to bow deeply in greeting to the circled guests. The shock caused quite a scandal and Menken was escorted outside as soon as the watchmen arrived.

It was at this time it was discovered the trick Miss Menken played on society, furthering her reputation as a scandalous actress.





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