Putting My Feet in the Dirt 25

I smoothed my hand over the leather. I found it rather bumpy, too red in color, with small little bumps interrupting the quality I wanted.

This car had to be perfect for the money I spent procuring it. These bumps simply would not do! Turning to the sales representative, I looked her straight in the eye. “Feel this. . .does this look and feel like Corinthian leather to you?”

The sales rep looked at the supposed leather, felt the bumps also and then sheepishly looked at her customer.

“Uh, I think you may be right. Let me talk to my supervisor.” She left and walked to her office.

I noticed other nicely dressed customers pouring over the expensive vehicles and wondered what they thought. I asked a woman near my age to feel the leather.

“Ridiculous!” she laughed. “This looks and feels like carnelian with carbuncles, certainly not Corinthian leather!

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