MLMM Tale Weaver 6-8-18

Neither man wanted to vacation in the country. Repairing the old cabin for vacation use was not their forte, but as husbands often do, acted to appease their wives. The cabin needed work, most of it could be done without expert carpentry, and the women thought it could be accomplished easily. As soon as the basic repairs were made it was the women who would clean and set up the household.

It was the fourth weekend when things came to a head. Joe and Harry were disagreeing about the way a door should be hung. Anyone who has attempted this task knows the frustration and pitfalls. After much heated discussion, Harry stomped off. Joe didn’t mind, preferred to do the job himself which was impossible for an inexperienced person.

He started to wonder if Harry was ever coming back, not that he really cared. Using all of his free weekend time with Harry on this project for what seemed an eternity, he’d begun to feel a little too close to his neighbor. Deciding he should probably see if Harry was all right, found him dangling by a root on the cliff. He told him to hang on and ran back to the cabin to retrieve a helpful tool.


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