Putting My Feet in the Dirt – June 1

How appropriate prompts are sometimes. The example of a sprinkling of balderdash fits today’s events perfectly. I was just sitting here minding my own business when I was interrupted with a text from my credit card company. They said they were warning me about a debit today and would I confirm a certain purchase made today. TODAY? I haven’t used that card since April 27 to see “Infinity Wars”!

They gave me a number to call in the text, but me being the suspicious, been burned a few times already person that I am, just texted back No. Got out my cc statement and called that number in case the text was fraudulent. Turns out it was used and the text was a valid warning which I appreciated. After our conversation found out the card had been used about ten times since I had hidden it away on the 27th of April. How could this happen I queried, since it never left my possession? Then I learned about mobile apps. OMG! Now what? Another plague on society, mobile apps. At least that’s my opinion. Because anyone who sees your cc number can set up a mobile app using it? This isn’t just a sprinkling of balderdash, it’s the whole enchilada!

Is anyone else out there as crazy as I am ( I didn’t use the word frustrated because I’ve used it so much lately, well since 2017, that I imagine you’re sick of reading it) or is it me? So here’s the thing, I use a cc for convenience since I don’t drive, bus pass denied, and basically don’t go anywhere so never have ready cash. On the rare occasion I’m out, I use a card. I don’t use ATMs because they charge a fee to get your own money out of the bank, another plague. Many places don’t take a cc so it is inconvenient, but I don’t shop! I get groceries once a month, period.

Okay I’m done for now. The cc person said they’re sending me a new card. I said no hurry, I have no intention of using it, I’m paying it off!

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7 thoughts on “Putting My Feet in the Dirt – June 1

  1. Uggg. We once had a theft on our card to the tipune of several thousand dollars. A person used it to get cash at the same gift shop near a vacation theme park several times in a row! I still think that was an inside connection. Thankfully we weren’t liable for it. People….😕

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  2. I am sorry this happened to you. I had an issue today as well. You see I just moved across the state. there is no bank branch out here in the new area where I now reside. So I tried using my card at an ATM of the credit union where I just opened a new account. Get this… my bank blocked the transaction and put a hold on my card so it was unusable until I called to confirm it was me making the transaction. They get you no matter what you do. It took me 2 phone calls and 40 minutes of my time just to get a whole $80 from an ATM not to mention a $6 transaction fee. UGH… is about all I can say. Anyway, I hope you get it all cleared up.

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